Why the background of the mayor’s partner is relevant

Friday, May 25, 2012


LGBT Weekly
May 24, 2012
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Johnathan Hale thought it relevant to put on his Web site that Nathan Fletcher’s wife worked for the Bush campaign in 1998. Hale’s Web site says, “Fletcher began his political career working for the California Republican Party … he held a fundraiser featuring Karl Rove – a connection made through his wife, who was a senior campaign operative for George W. Bush.”
What was the point of this paragraph? To link Fletcher through his wife to the George W. Bush campaign; kryptonite for any candidate seeking the Independent or decline to state vote. So much for spouses being off limits. Since Fletcher’s wife worked for Bush in 1998, I guess we should only talk about Hale’s criminal activity during that time. Fair is fair.
So what criminal activity has Hale been involved in since 1998? He has had two restraining orders filed against him by former “roommates” with whom he was sexually active. In one complaint, he is accused of choking his roommate and making harassing phone calls at the roommate’s place of employment. In the other restraining order, the “roommate” said, “I fear for my safety and (Hale’s) own; he’s unstable and may harm himself.”