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Fri, 05/25/2012

For many people, Carl DeMaio burst on the scene as a councilman with extreme ideas for tearing down the city's services. After all, fewer than 20,000 people have ever voted for DeMaio in a city of 1.3 million. But before taking office he was already well on his way to his questionable ethics and bogus numbers.

In the spring of 2004, DeMaio and his Performance Institute, along with his friends at the Reason Foundation released the San Diego Citizens Budget Plan. The plan was initially popular, until the facts started evaporating:

The errors in DeMaio's reports included wrong information about the San Diego firefighters' contract and inaccurate budget totals for the Atlanta mayor's office and the Baltimore City Attorney's Office, which The Performance Institute used for comparisons with those in San Diego.
In short order, the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, and Mayor Dick Murphy abandoned Carl's failed plan. Indeed, "the institute's research and credibility" were questioned as a result.
Tue, 05/22/2012

Still trying to answer questions about the rank hypocrisy of pushing the private imposition of a billion dollar tax while railing against taxes and closed-door deals, Carl DeMaio is doubling down on the outright absurd rhetoric as we come down to the wire.

Speaking on KOGO this week, DeMaio said that allowing private companies to tax the public without the public getting any say "is a very conservative, business oriented, free market principle. Some would say libertarian."

That's an interesting definition of libertarian that Carl has, giving corporations unilateral power to pick the public's pocket. He goes on to explain that the reason he supports it, the reason it's such a conservative idea, is because the setup gives private corporations the power to decide who pays instead of the public or their government deciding.

DeMaio wasn't done digging his hole though. A few seconds later, he continued by bragging that "I think actually I'm leading the way, absolutely" on ramming the billion dollar tax through while cashing checks from the beneficiaries.

Now, we've been through this a few times by now. DeMaio is pretty much the only one still keeping up the pathetic charade that somehow this isn't a tax. Consensus is overwhelming, and DeMaio himself voted for the validation lawsuit to determine whether the tax is legal.

Mon, 05/21/2012

There's a new radio ad headed into rotation from San Diego Firefighters highlighting former councilmember Donna Frye's now-infamous analysis of Carl DeMaio from earlier this year. You can listen to the ad here that features Frye saying in part:

I think if people have good ideas and are sincere in trying to accomplish something for the betterment of the people I'm happy to work with them and I will work with anybody. But I will work with people whom I trust and that actually mean what they say. And when that trust is broken on more than one occasion I've got to part ways. And quite frankly I find Mr. DeMaio to be much closer to a political sociopath. That's harsh words but it's nothing that I haven't said to his face. I think the truth needs to be told and I'm very concerned about what might happen to our city...
It's difficult to list all the dishonesty and outright lies that DeMaio has spread and continues to unapologetically peddle across San Diego. But here's some: 
He still belabors the absolutely false notion that the billion dollar hotelier tax is not a tax and has had a public vote.
DeMaio claims he took a 6% pay cut along with other city workers in 2009, but he didn't.


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