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Wed, 09/19/2012

Since Carl DeMaio moved into general election campaign mode, voters have been treated to a steady stream of inept attempts to re-cast Carl as a moderate or even liberal. But it's been a tough road for Carl since all of the attempts so far are comically easy to prove false.

In the latest, Carl claims to be working with medical marijuana advocates.

Unless you ask them. Then they say he isn't and he's been their "biggest opponent." And it turns out that he's apparently really working with a landlord with three open lawsuits against him and trying to pass that off as the 'community.'

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Wed, 09/12/2012

Carl DeMaio has spent most of his two-year campaign for mayor thus far pushing on economic issues. Sometimes it was pensions. Sometimes it was accusing the Mayor of lying about the city budget. Sometimes it was voting against more than $700 million in taxpayer savings.

And sometimes it was promoting jobs plans that don't actually include jobs being created.

DeMaio had another opportunity at a recent mayoral forum on innovation to discuss strategies for job creation, but ended up in a tricky spot. He mentioned that Boeing recently chose to go to Chicago instead of Texas because Chicago had a better arts scene and offered better quality of life for its employees. Which is a good lesson for San Diego, which has a leg up on quality of life.


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Fri, 08/24/2012

DeMaio's Failed Environmental Record Highlighted

Environmental Leader Condemns Candidate's Attempt to Sidestep Extreme Record of Supporting Developers and Polluters

SAN DIEGO – (Friday, August 24, 2012) – In response to Carl DeMaio’s attempt to rebrand his mayoral campaign by releasing an environmental plan yesterday, the president of the San Diego region’s leading politically active environmental organization called out Councilman DeMaio for his dismal performance at City Hall on environmental issues.

DeMaio the candidate may have a reason to appear friendly to environmental issues in order to appear moderate to voters, but his record as a city councilmember reveals demonstrates the opposite.

Livia Borak, President of the League of Conservation Voters San Diego, made the following statement in response to DeMaio’s press release.

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