The continuing saga of DeMaio's Convention Center hypocrisy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The ongoing saga of Carl DeMaio's treasured billion dollar convention center tax got a new chapter yesterday when Liam Dillon thoroughly debunked DeMaio's lies about who will be footing the bill, giving him a Huckster Propaganda rating:

"This expansion will be done by private investment from the hoteliers," DeMaio said.
The city, however, plans to finance the project entirely with public money, through an effective increase in the same hotel-room taxes that paid for a previous expansion. No private investment is proposed. And DeMaio should know that. He's voted for the expansion's financing plan every step of the way so far.
If hotel owners simply wanted to pool money together to build a facility, as DeMaio is suggesting, they could do that on their own without a vote involving the city. Instead, the hoteliers want to pass a tax, which would uniformly raise their fees across the board even for the hotels that don't want it.
In short, San Diego visitors, residents and port tenants will pay for the expansion, not hotel owners.
It's a hypocrisy problem that DeMaio hasn't been able to explain away -- it's just too rank. He supports huge tax increases that go to boost private profits, but not taxes that provide public services. He continues to trot out his work to defeat Proposition D in 2010, but can't justify pushing for a giant tax to benefit the private sector now. So he peddles known falsehoods.
Proposition D went to the voters seeking $500 million to support public safety and other services. DeMaio then, as now, was stridently opposed. But now that it's private corporations who want to tax the public to pad their own corporate profits, DeMaio is the leading advocate... For a billion dollar tax twice as large as Prop D. You can't credibly have it both ways, but of course hoteliers who stand to benefit have lined up to contribute to DeMaio's campaign and DeMaio says he owes them for it.
And it's in keeping with DeMaio's entire career. With the Performance Institute, DeMaio took $2.7 million in government contracts, accumulating a personal fortune off taxpayers that's now helping to fund his race. He's used taxdollars to fund the policy proposals he's running his campaign on, confused city council events with campaign events, and he sent 45 times more mail than the rest of the council combined.
So taxdollars are just DeMaio's piggy bank. And since he's beholden to his donors like big hoteliers, taxdollars are just a piggy bank for them too. No matter how shamelessly he has to lie to San Diego's face to pull it off.